River Song, again

If you haven’t seen “The Husbands of River Song”, don’t keep going. Go. Find it. Watch it. It is so much fun and a wonderful episode.

Okay. Now that we’ve gotten rid of those who don’t know… OMG!!! That episode was so awesome!! But, before I go into the episode and the wonderfulness that is River Song, I want to share something with all of you. Some of you may have seen this already, but I know there are others who haven’t. Someone created a great video that sums everything up wonderfully.

I’ve felt that the end of that episode became more heartbreaking after we saw everything River experienced with the Doctor. But this episode just adds to it. This video really hits the nail on the head.

The other day I worked to put together a River Song playlist that was in chronological order from adult River Song’s point of view, mostly. There’s only one or two times where she’s at different points in her life in the same episode as an adult. I’d have to do a ton of editing to make the playlist go in full chronological order, and even then it might not make sense at times. Also, for that reason, I didn’t include “First Night/Last Night”. It would require too much editing to make sense in this case.

Yesterday I watched the whole thing. Totally worth it! It really gives you an idea of what she’s having to keep to herself and lie about, and why she reacts the way she does at times. It almost makes her ‘death’ in “The Forest of the Dead” even more heartbreaking. Almost as heartbreaking as the end of “The Angels Take Manhattan”, but that’s another post.

“The Husbands of River Song” is really a great way to potentially end her time on the show. As much as I love, love, River and Twelve, unless he runs into her earlier in her timeline, again, we’re not going to be seeing her again. But they got to have one more adventure together.

There are a couple of best moments in that episode. The whole thing is hilarious and wonderful, but a few stand out in my mind. “Hello, sweetie.” The way she gives that whole passionate speech, finally has it hit her and turns to him, and the look on his face is priceless. “The roots of the sunset?” “Or the stars themselves?” I love it! Then they immediately go into planning mode, into River and Doctor mode. It is wonderful.

Really everything from that point on is great. They can finally be themselves and work together better than any other regeneration has with her, in my opinion. Then there’s the ending scene on the balcony. The way he really shows emotion, which is rare for this regeneration, and shows how much he really does care for her. Like I said earlier, it makes the end of “Forest of the Dead” more heartbreaking.

Well, I think that about sums up my feelings about this wonderful special. Now I’m going to go put on some appropriate pants and shoes to match my 12th Doctor t-shirt, find my ‘Sonic Sunglasses’ and River’s Sonic, and head to the theater to see it for the sixth time. This is going to be so much fun!!!!


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