Doctor Who, “The Pyramid at the End of the World”

I’m going to try something different. I’m going to write this post as I watch the episode. Granted it’s 3:14am EST, but it just became available in my Amazon Video queue (we’re working on cutting cable). I may leave it as this. I may post a more coherent blog post later. I don’t know. Anyway, here’s the spoiler-free picture before the actual spoilers.

I like that Bill’s out on a date with Penny. They’re enjoying themselves! I like how she’s taking Bill’s tales. Seriously. The UN? Why not UNIT? But, nice callback to “The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion”. Where is UNIT?! I know they changed it to “UNified Intelligence Taskforce”, but where are they?

Yes! The axe is back! And melancholy, sad, meditative. I’m loving the red shirt! It’s making me want that black velvet jacket even more! I wonder if it’s just a frock coat. The Doctor seems to prefer them…

Impressive. Cutting a hole into the building to take the TARDIS and put it on the plane without the Doctor noticing? Impressive…and desperate.

The Doomsday Clock. Okay, I am impressed that they’re bringing it in. Madam Secretary brought it up recently – Possibly this season – as well. That’s a little creepy. Granted, having every clock in the world be the Doomsday Clock is even creepier.

I do like his approach to getting the forces’ leaders together.

I want to fault Bill for not noticing earlier, but this really is her first time around him since returning and his sight being supposedly returned. She caught on quickly, and confronted him! This is part of why I love Bill. She’s not afraid of confronting or pissing off the Doctor. He needs companions like that.

I thought the point of having the Doctor be the President of the World was to give him the power to decide for the world. The UN Secretary General knows that. Also, he can only speak for the member nations of the UN. That’s not everyone.

Wow. He really is an idiot. Running around without his suit on. Leaving the airlock open. At least she’s staying smart and staying in her suit. But I’m wondering…does the fate of the world rest on her reading glasses not being broken?

Seriously? He’s President of the World! How do they keep ignoring him?

Wait? She didn’t figure it out? At least she’s yelling at him for lying this long.

Great. The Doctor can see again. Who knows what’s going to happen to Bill. Or Earth. And what about Nardole? Seriously, what are the writers doing? Why couldn’t Moffatt let last season be his last? He would have gone out with a bang! Ugh.

Oh well. Another week of waiting. Another week of hoping the next episode is better.


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