Doctor Who, “The Pyramid at the End of the World”

I’m going to try something different. I’m going to write this post as I watch the episode. Granted it’s 3:14am EST, but it just became available in my Amazon Video queue (we’re working on cutting cable). I may leave it as this. I may post a more coherent blog post later. I don’t know. Anyway, here’s the spoiler-free picture before the actual spoilers.

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Companions in “New” Who

This is an interesting look at how companions, all female so far, are written in Doctor Who. As the author of the post notes at the end, this is not perfect. But it is a start and an interesting insight into the writing of the series.

In April 2014, I completed a study, with several other students, for my Media Research Methods class, which we then entered into BYU-Idaho’s Research and Creative Works Conference. My group’s research took second place. Many have asked to see that, so here is the final report. Is Doctor Who Sexist? Back in 2010 Steven Moffat […]

via University Study on Sexism In BBC’s Doctor Who (Infographic) — The Life and Times of an Exceptionally Tall Mormon

The Real History of Science Fiction

In April 2014, BBC America aired a four-part series titled The Real History of Science Fiction. Naturally, I was really excited. Getting to look at science fiction over time? Yes, please! As I watched it, I was loving it, but there were a few little things that were bugging me. Seeing it again has reminded me of those things.

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The Day of the Doctor: Part 2

I’ve talked about everything else in The Day of the Doctor, let’s talk about the Doctor and his multiple regenerations.

The first time he meets another regeneration is when Eleven jumps into the time fissure and runs into Ten. That scene was brilliant! Sizing each other up was hilarious. Seeing how skinny Ten was from “the outside” was a nice touch. I love how they start off a little…judgemental, but then the glasses come out (“Oh! Lovely!”) and some common ground is found and it just gets better from there.
Although I do have to wonder if Kate was taken aback when she heard Ten’s voice because she recognized it, from video of course, or because it was another regeneration.
Anyway, they continue to be two regenerations who had not met yet (“How can you forget this?”) and make a great reference back to their shared history by reversing the polarity. Squee!

“We’re both reversing the polarity.”
“Yes, I know that!”
“There’s two of us. I’m reversing it. You’re reversing it back again. We’re confusing the polarity!”

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The Day of the Doctor

After the events of The Night of the Doctor, I was eagerly awaiting The Day of the Doctor. I watched it four times that night: the first time it was shown, the second time with the added commentary from Tennant and Smith, the DVR-ed first time, the DVR-ed second time. I kept noticing things each time I watched. And now that I know more 20th century (Classic) Who, it just makes it better.

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The Night of the Doctor

I realized that I had jumped the gun a bit by planning to talk about season 8. I hadn’t talked about the amazing things that came out of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

This is an amazing mini-episode that the BBC posted to YouTube as a prequel to the big show. It takes place during the Time War and gives us an idea of how far the impact has spread. It also shows how much the Doctor has been trying to avoid being involved. But, possibly the point of the whole episode, it also gives us the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration into the War Doctor.

Just like most of the Current, or 21st Century, Doctor Who, the more of the Classic, or 20th Century, Doctor Who I watch, the more I get and fully understand. I always figured that Karn was a 20th Century reference, but now I can realize the genius of bringing it into things. Also, seeing Paul McGann get more screen time is always a good thing. Every time I watch it, I get so excited that the Eighth Doctor is there to try to save Cass. Also, the in-cannon regonizing his Big Finish companions was wonderful. I haven’t had the chance to listen to them yet, but Charlie is pretty well-known as an Eighth Doctor companion. They really gave the Eighth Doctor on-screen respect.

But my true squee moment happens at the end. Seeing that reflection of a young John Hurt makes me squee every time. It’s just an amazing way of introducing him and the War Doctor. I love it!

Heroes season wrap-up

Now that season one is fully finished, I am left feeling two things: inspired to get my costumes ready and amazing for Dragon*Con, and wondering where this show came from!

Technically that was the end of the second half of the first season, but I can’t find anything on SyFy’s website to indicate that there was a first half. Not that I mind. If anyone remembers the first half of the season, not many cosplayers liked it, myself included. In my opinion, they amped up the drama and downplayed the costumes.

This time, the complete opposite. Yes there was drama, but it was the typical drama associated with creating costumes and competing at that level. This last episode really sealed it for me. The way they focused on everyone scrambling to get their costumes and props ready, and figuring out what to do on stage. Then, at the end, the way everyone was just so positive and upbeat about their experiences and how others have grown. It gave a much more positive, happy vibe to the whole costuming/cosplay experience. Just the way it should be.

Heroes of Cosplay

Heroes of Cosplay title card
Image from Google Play

Anyone else here still watching Heroes of Cosplay? I am, and I’ve been surprised at how much I’m enjoying it.

Let me back up here. Heroes of Cosplay debuted on SyFy last year (2013). At first there was a ton of excitement from the cosplay/costuming community. “We have a show!” Then it was aired. For the majority of the first season, the focus was on the drama instead of the costumes and the reality that is truly present at a costuming/cosplay competition. As the series continued, the added drama was getting pretty obvious and tiring. At least to me. But, I kept watching because what they did show about costume construction was really cool.

Cut to this year. Heroes of Cosplay returns. I was a little skeptical. I know a lot of people had voiced their concerns about the show. We were all waiting to see how it turned out. Wow. It really changed. They are now simply showcasing these amazing costumers and their work. It’s really inspiring to watch now. I’m loving it!

Anyone else? Love it? Hate it? Gave up?