Sorry for the gap

I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. But there will be a few posts soon. The recent season of Doctor Who is done and there are a lot of mixed feelings overall. But there is one thing I am sure of: I love the Twelfth Doctor! “These are attack eyebrows! You can take bottletops off with these!”

Before I start rambling, I’ll leave it. For now. I’m thinking of at least going through each episode. I may also do an overall post as well. I am really looking forward to this!

“They’re crosser than the rest of my face. They’re independently cross! They probably want to cede from the rest of my face and set up their own independent state of eyebrows!”

Heroes season wrap-up

Now that season one is fully finished, I am left feeling two things: inspired to get my costumes ready and amazing for Dragon*Con, and wondering where this show came from!

Technically that was the end of the second half of the first season, but I can’t find anything on SyFy’s website to indicate that there was a first half. Not that I mind. If anyone remembers the first half of the season, not many cosplayers liked it, myself included. In my opinion, they amped up the drama and downplayed the costumes.

This time, the complete opposite. Yes there was drama, but it was the typical drama associated with creating costumes and competing at that level. This last episode really sealed it for me. The way they focused on everyone scrambling to get their costumes and props ready, and figuring out what to do on stage. Then, at the end, the way everyone was just so positive and upbeat about their experiences and how others have grown. It gave a much more positive, happy vibe to the whole costuming/cosplay experience. Just the way it should be.

Heroes of Cosplay

Heroes of Cosplay title card
Image from Google Play

Anyone else here still watching Heroes of Cosplay? I am, and I’ve been surprised at how much I’m enjoying it.

Let me back up here. Heroes of Cosplay debuted on SyFy last year (2013). At first there was a ton of excitement from the cosplay/costuming community. “We have a show!” Then it was aired. For the majority of the first season, the focus was on the drama instead of the costumes and the reality that is truly present at a costuming/cosplay competition. As the series continued, the added drama was getting pretty obvious and tiring. At least to me. But, I kept watching because what they did show about costume construction was really cool.

Cut to this year. Heroes of Cosplay returns. I was a little skeptical. I know a lot of people had voiced their concerns about the show. We were all waiting to see how it turned out. Wow. It really changed. They are now simply showcasing these amazing costumers and their work. It’s really inspiring to watch now. I’m loving it!

Anyone else? Love it? Hate it? Gave up?

MARcon 49

Picture borrowed from U.S.S. Columbus N.C.C. 72401.

Marcon (Multiple Alternative Realities Convention), the Midwest’s Premiere Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, is the most fun you can have in a year, packed into a single weekend.

Marcon was started in 1966 and was held in a Holiday Inn in Toledo. It was simply a planning session for the 1966 Cleveland Worldcon (TriCon). It has continued as a fan run convention every year since. It has moved from March (MARch+Con) through April and landed in May on Memorial Day Weekend. In 2012 Marcon moved to Easter weekend, landing on a different date each year as it begins to hold down it’s new time.

That is from Marcon’s website. I figure it explains things best.

This year was the first time I’ve been able to go to Marcon since I found out about it. For the past two years it was held over Easter weekend, which didn’t work for me. I had been wanting to check it out and so I registered as soon as I could, before I really knew anything about it.

Very smart move.

When they started posting what might be happening at the con, I was so excited. As we drew closer to the convention and panel topics were set, I found myself changing up what costumes I had planned to bring to fit the panel topics. It was so much fun. The diversity of the topics reminded me a lot of Dragon*Con, which simply helped me get even more excited.

Finally it was time for the convention. It was a very different experience from any convention I had ever been to.
Dragon*Con is huge. 5 host hotels, over 50,000 people. Tons of guests. 4 official days and 1 pre-con day. Costumes everywhere.
Ohayocon is smaller than Dragon*Con, but just as crowded. 3 days. Costumes everywhere, but with more of an anime and Homestuck focus.

Marcon is so different. There aren’t as many people attending, but that is not a bad thing. That simply means that everyone who is there is there for the panels and to interact with fellow fans. I saw many people over and over again, which was really nice. The panels were amazing. They ranged in topic from Doctor Who and Babylon 5 and Star Trek to The Dresden Files and Calvin and Hobbes. During the panels the panelists and audience members were able to have wonderful, sometimes really in depth, discussions about the topic. There was a lot of interaction as well as respect.

There were fewer elaborate costumes. But it’s a science fiction convention, so I wasn’t surprised. But I did like it. It felt like the people who were in costume were like me: wearing a costume to show their love of a character or show. Definitely different than Ohayocon and Dragon*Con.

Marcon logo

I am really looking forward to next year’s Marcon. It is going to be an all-out bash celebrating the 50th Marcon. But I’m mostly looking forward to having that wonderful weekend around fellow fans again and hopefully seeing friends that I’ll be making over the course of the next year!

River Song

River Song talking to the Doctor in Silence in the Library.
Image from Planet Claire.

The mysterious Professor River song first appears in the Series Four episode Silence in the Library. I liked her right off the bat. Her attitude, her confidence, I loved it. Then the hook was pulled out: she already knows the Doctor, but he doesn’t know her.

The first time I saw this, it simply drew me into the story further. And (spoilers!) of course I was sad at the end of Forest of the Dead. That final run through the Library is one of the more touching moments of that series.

The Doctor running through the Library with River's sonic.
Image from Doctor Who From the Start.

This past weekend I went to Marcon 49. (Posts about that wonderful weekend are coming!) I took my laptop, HDMI cord, and Series Four with me. I think this is the first time I’ve watched Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead since the end of Series Seven. Since we have been told a whole lot more about River Song. Which really changed the episode for me.

The moments I noticed having more of an impact was when she would look at him, longing for him to know her. Now knowing everything that she went through with Eleven, it became so much more heartbreaking. Also, when she described the last time he saw her and gave her the sonic, I thought back to that little mini episode “Last Night” and felt more emotional than any previous time.

That really is the beauty of Doctor Who. You can plant seeds of a future storyline way ahead of time and then when you watch it again, it has just that much more impact.


I figured I should post something while I get this set up. This is going to be my place to post at least once a week about the various geeky things and thoughts in my life. I have a couple of other blogs, just FYI. But all of that info will be on the About Me page, or whatever I decide to call it.

My goal here is to have somewhere dedicated to my various fandoms and convention experiences. Hopefully people will be interested in that!