The Day of the Doctor: Part 2

I’ve talked about everything else in The Day of the Doctor, let’s talk about the Doctor and his multiple regenerations.

The first time he meets another regeneration is when Eleven jumps into the time fissure and runs into Ten. That scene was brilliant! Sizing each other up was hilarious. Seeing how skinny Ten was from “the outside” was a nice touch. I love how they start off a little…judgemental, but then the glasses come out (“Oh! Lovely!”) and some common ground is found and it just gets better from there.
Although I do have to wonder if Kate was taken aback when she heard Ten’s voice because she recognized it, from video of course, or because it was another regeneration.
Anyway, they continue to be two regenerations who had not met yet (“How can you forget this?”) and make a great reference back to their shared history by reversing the polarity. Squee!

“We’re both reversing the polarity.”
“Yes, I know that!”
“There’s two of us. I’m reversing it. You’re reversing it back again. We’re confusing the polarity!”

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The Day of the Doctor

After the events of The Night of the Doctor, I was eagerly awaiting The Day of the Doctor. I watched it four times that night: the first time it was shown, the second time with the added commentary from Tennant and Smith, the DVR-ed first time, the DVR-ed second time. I kept noticing things each time I watched. And now that I know more 20th century (Classic) Who, it just makes it better.

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River Song

River Song talking to the Doctor in Silence in the Library.
Image from Planet Claire.

The mysterious Professor River song first appears in the Series Four episode Silence in the Library. I liked her right off the bat. Her attitude, her confidence, I loved it. Then the hook was pulled out: she already knows the Doctor, but he doesn’t know her.

The first time I saw this, it simply drew me into the story further. And (spoilers!) of course I was sad at the end of Forest of the Dead. That final run through the Library is one of the more touching moments of that series.

The Doctor running through the Library with River's sonic.
Image from Doctor Who From the Start.

This past weekend I went to Marcon 49. (Posts about that wonderful weekend are coming!) I took my laptop, HDMI cord, and Series Four with me. I think this is the first time I’ve watched Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead since the end of Series Seven. Since we have been told a whole lot more about River Song. Which really changed the episode for me.

The moments I noticed having more of an impact was when she would look at him, longing for him to know her. Now knowing everything that she went through with Eleven, it became so much more heartbreaking. Also, when she described the last time he saw her and gave her the sonic, I thought back to that little mini episode “Last Night” and felt more emotional than any previous time.

That really is the beauty of Doctor Who. You can plant seeds of a future storyline way ahead of time and then when you watch it again, it has just that much more impact.